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For over 35 years, composer Steven Chesne has been creating music for the media and the concert hall:


In television, Chesne has composed the scores for over 300 episodes of prime-time, network shows including "Batman: the Animated Series," "Family Man," "Family Matters," "Getting By," "Girls Across the Lake," "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper," "The Hogan Family," "Kirk," "Life Happens," "Perfect Strangers," "Step by Step," "Two of a Kind," and "Valerie."  (For more information, see the film & tv page.)

Theatrical Film

Outside of "mainstream Hollywood," Steven Chesne has scored 17 independent feature films including "Zen Noir" - CRITIC'S PICK, The L.A. Times, WINNER, Best Feature, Moondance Film Festival - WINNER, Best Actor - Indiefest, Chicago Film Festival - WINNER, Audience Award, Best Feature - Rhode Island Int. Film Festival - WINNER, Best Cinematography, Ashland Int. Film Festival - WINNER, Jury Award, Honorable Mention, Filmfest new Haven - WINNER, Best Feature, DC Independent Film Festival; and "Debating Robert Lee," - Method Fest and Napa Sonoma Film Fest. Award Winners; "No Turning Back" - ALMA AWARD WINNER, Best Independent Motion Picture, WINNER, 21 BEST PICTURE AWARDS - including: Cinesol, Worldfest, Malaga Festival De Cine, Rhode Island Intl. Film Fest., Comunidad De Madrid Film Festival, New Hampshire Intl. Film Expo, Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival, Marco Island Intl. Film Fest., Sacramento Intl. Film Fest., Spanish Film Gala Awards, Aguila Azteca Arts Award, Selected: “One of the 12 Best Feature Films of the Year,” The Independent Film Society; "The Trip" - WINNER, Kodak Award, Best Independent Feature - WINNER, Best Feature, Long Island Film Fest - WINNER, HBO Audience Award - WINNER, Best Feature, Reel Pride Festival - WINNER, Best Feature Film, The Dallas Film Festival - WINNER, Honolulu Film Festival, Dir. Choice Award, Best Feature - WINNER, Rehoboth Beach Ind. Film Festival, Best Debut Film - WINNER, Rochester Film Festival, Audience Award, Best Feature - WINNER, Washington D.C. International Gay Film Festival, Best Feature; "Monsoon Wife" (aka "Butterfly Man") - WINNER, Producer's Award for Best Feature Film, Sarasota Intl. Film Festival - WINNER, "Best of the Fest.," Best Feature Film, The Phoenix-Scottsdale Intl. Film Festival; "Dinner and a Movie" - WINNER, Slamdunk Festival - WINNER, Platinum Award for Best Comedy Feature, Worldfest International Film Festival - WINNER, Best Comedy Feature, New Bedford Film Festival - WINNER, Best Feature, Texas Film Festival - named "The Best Film of the Year without distribution" by The Village Voice; "Dry Cycle," and Jon Zeiderman's "Artifacts."  (For more information, see the film & tv page.)


Concert Music

In 1993, Chesne was the first person to record an extended symphonic concert work for 80 players, using multi-track digital technology, as reported in Mix Magazine (August 1995) and First Reflection Magazine (Fall 1994, vol.7-1). NPR’s All Things Considered (host Gene Parrish, 91.5 KUSC FM) devoted an entire segment to these recordings of Symphony #2 and Symphony #3.

In addition to Chesne's dramatic scoring, pop and world-music catalogues, his orchestral concert works include 2 concertos, 4 symphonies, 2 orchestral suites, and 2 tone-poems, as well as works for string quartet, woodwind ensemble, and music for theater and ballet. His works have been performed by The Ventura Symphony, The L.A. Modern String Orchestra, The Los Angeles Ars Symphonia Orchestra, The La Mirada Symphony, Mehli Mehta's American Youth Symphony, The Luminous World Orchestra, as well as by members of The Los Angeles Philharmonic, The L.A. Chamber Orchestra, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, and The Pacific Symphony (See the Symphonic Music page).

More Stuff

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) held a public reception at the Director's Guild of America, to honor the film scoring work of Steven Chesne. ASCAP's Director of Film and TV Music, Nancy Knutsen, gave the introductory speech celebrating the contribution of his scores to the many films that have garnered such enthusiastic critical praise. The event celebrated his successful transition from episodic television to independent feature film scoring.

Chesne studied film composition with David Raksin and Earl Hagen, and classical guitar/Renaissance lute with Pepe Romero and Jim Smith. He has received numerous awards for outstanding achievement for his compositions from several organizations including ASCAP, Billboard, ZMR, NAR, and USC School of Music.

Steven Chesne is the founder of Brahmasong Records, and is the primary conductor/music director of the Luminous World Orchestra.


The International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) nominated the new CD release of our original Batman: The Animated Series orchestral scores, for "Best Archive Release of an Orchestral Score".

Moments From the Life Stories of Strangers - Pt.1 was nominated for "Best Neo-Clasic Recording of 2014" by the ZMR Monitored International Radio Broadcasters.





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With Foo Fighers' lead guitarist, Chris Shiflett, and his signature model Fender Telecaster
Steven and Diane Chesne, and Dimitri Chesne with the late George Harrison
Autographing copies of the CD release of the Orchestral Score for Batman: the Animated Series.
With Elizabeth and William Shatner at "Shine" opening
With Paul McCartney-Wings Lead Guitarist, Lawrence Juber
Steven with Miles Swain at "The Trip" opening
With director Dan Polier at the mix for "Debating Robert Lee"
Steven, Jesus Nebot and Lindsay Price at the "No Turning Back" opening
Nancy Knutsen of ASCAP introduces Steven at the Director's Guild party honoring his work.
Edward James Olmos hosted the "No Turning Back" opening
Steven speaking on panel for screening of Robert Evans' "The Kid Stays in the Picture"
Steven with Suzanne Somers
Steven with Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) on the set of "Family Matters"
Picnicking with Terminators
Steven gets intense

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