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Slow and lyrical blues in the style of David Gilmour.
Classical Gas (by Mason WIlliams, arr. by Tommy Emmanuel)

Here's some pieces in different styles, ranging from Classical (actually Baroque) to contemporary. I hope these will inspire my students to keep exploring new possibilities with the guitar.

"Black Water Side" is a Bert Jansch accompaniment to an old Irish folk tune (which Davey Graham adapted from "She Moves Through the Fair.") Jimmy Page later did a version with Led Zeppelin, which he called "Black Mountain Side."

"Mood for a Day" was written by Steve Howe of the band "Yes". The Gigue is from a suite by J. A. Logy, a contemporary of Bach. Davey Graham's "Anji" exists in many arrangements, but this one is based on the version made famous by Paul Simon.

"Like Stevie" is an electric solo with influences of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

You'll need some patience. All the examples load together, so it'll take a couple minutes...

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